Your most important IT assets, virtualized and maximized

Future Data’s Virtualization solutions enable small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to make excellent use of their technology by providing a platform that separates IT resources from the physical premises. Because your technology is hosted via the internet, you can free up unused or underutilized spaces and make way for new technologies.

But virtualization is more than just decluttering. When you adopt virtualized in-house technology, you gain more access to better IT and more capabilities because the resources you rely on are securely hosted off-site. You can apply this advanced technology to your storage systems, networks, applications, laptop and server hardware, and operating systems. Enjoy more memory, more software, more IT.

Free up more space in your office and on your hard drives, and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of virtualized IT resources.

Future Data’s Virtualization solutions enable you to:

  • Get fully operational following a disaster - with our simplified data recovery
  • Increase utilization - because your servers will be consolidated
  • Improve application performance - thanks to swift provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Be environment-friendly - fewer servers means lower electricity usage
  • Lenovo
  • VMware
  • Microsoft Registered Partner
  • HP Registered Partner